URL SEO Friendly – How to customize WordPress Permalinks


Some plugins are much more important than others and have critical functionality. In theory, you should always use a test site and publish it definitively only after checking that any changes have not compromised its operation. Usually, however, it often happens that the problem occurs on the published site. And here the problem arises. Relying on competent developers with a top level of assistance can save your life. This is the case, for example, of the “Permalink Manager PRO” plugin. This plugin stands for reliability, competence and high support.


How to improve your SEO performance?

If you want to get on the first page in Google searches with your keywords, especially if you use the Woocommerce plugin or any other plugin of the same category, I advise you not to use the standard wordpress features for permalinks, but to buy the plugin “Permalink Manager Pro”.

You can download the free version of the plugin for free directly from within wordpress. I highly recommend purchasing the PRO version, with which you can customize practically anything you want from the permalinks!


Differences between Permalink Manager Lite (free version) and Permalink Manager PRO


Permalink Manager Lite PRO
Core functionalities
Edit posts, pages & custom post types permalinks
Edit terms, categories & custom taxonomies permalinks
Edit terms, categories & custom taxonomies permalinks
Customize/predefine permalinks formats
Mass edit WordPress URLs using permastructures (permalink formats) editor
Translate the custom permalinks
Use different URL formats based on content language (WPML, Polylang)
Add custom fields to WordPress permalinks
Add taxonomy slugs to the custom post type permalinks
Auto-update the custom permalinks after the title update
Automatic plugin updates
WooCommerce permalinks
Edit base shop URL
Remove /product/ from product permalinks
Remove /product-category/ from product category permalinks
Remove /product-category/ from product category permalinks
Edit single products, product categories, tags and attribues permalinks (one by one)
Add SKU number to WooCommerce product permalinks 
WooCommerce coupon permalinks 
Automatically apply the cart discount with the coupon custom URL
Automatic redirects 
Redirect native permalinks to the custom permalinks
Add additional redirects for any post/page/product/term/category 
Add external URL redirects for any post/page/product/term/category 
Advanced functionalities
Adjust trailing slashes settings
Add .html, .php, .html extension/suffixes to WordPress permalinks 
Programmatically change the custom permalinks 
Conditional permalink formats
Remove “stop-words” from custom permalinks
Third party plugins support
Yoast SEO
Advanced Custom Fields
Toolset Types

How to customize Permalink Manager PRO behavior?

The first thing to do after enabling the plugin is to set the plugin behavior according to your needs. In the general settings menu, you can practically decide exactly what the plugin should do.


Here are some of the options you can set and features:

Automatic update of permalinks: by enabling this option when an article / page / product is saved, the custom permalink will always be saved in the format set in the “Permastructure”

Slug mode: The slug is created from the initial title when it is published. Here you can make sure to use the current title.

Trailing slashes: allows you to automatically add or remove the trailing slash to the URL. Choose one option! Absolutely avoid that Google can reach the site with two similar links. Also remember to select the ‘Trailing slashes redirect’ option to force the selected redirect


Canonical redirect: Canonical redirect allows WordPress to correct the requested URL and direct the visitor to the permalink set as canonical

Redirect mode: Here you can select the type of redirect you want

Old custom permalinks redirect: if you want to automatically create a redirect of the old permalink when you change it

WPML/Polylang language mismatch: activate this option if you are using WPML / Polylang

List of duplicated permalinks: in this tab you can view the duplicated permalinks. Very convenient and will save you time to understand if a permalink is not working because it is duplicated for your mistake

URI Editor: in this tab you can quickly edit all URLs


For more information I suggest you consult the guide at the following link

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