How to speed up WordPress with DIVI theme?


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Is WordPress slow?

Whether you are using Windows or Linux hosting, you can follow the following steps to speed up the loading of your site.

On the web you will find posts that certainly guarantee a performance advantage if you use a Linux system. Surely this type of choice could help you, but if you use Windows servers, because you also use other applications written for this environment, the transition is not so immediate and perhaps not convenient since most likely you will have to adapt and recompile your code.


List of steps to follow to speed up your WordPress

Here is a list of things to check to speed up your WordPress and improve SEO of your site.

  • Check that you have successfully migrated your site to the https protocol and that it can only be reached with www or without

These options are easily configurable if you use the Plesk panel. I absolutely recommend it. Many Hosting services allow enabling during the purchase phase. In this case, just check the appropriate boxes when creating your site, or modify them if you have already created it. Remember to select a certificate. You can enable Let’s Encrypt as in the example image below.


  • Decide whether to use the trailing slash

I remind you to decide whether or not to use the trailing slash. Avoid your web pages being reachable with two different addresses. You can refer to this post for configuration.

  • Enable only the plugins that are strictly necessary.

Enable only the plugins that are strictly necessary. Each plugin “consumes” resources. There are also plugins developed by people who are not very competent or not updated frequently. This unfortunately is something to take into consideration when going to use a solution like WordPress. I therefore recommend doing some tests or adequate research as far as possible in order to evaluate well which plugin to use. Unfortunately, I also happened to come across this type of situation, especially with particular plugins. If you follow the next POST, I will suggest which reliable plugins to use based on our experience.

  • Disable DIVI’s “Static CSS File Generation” option

Remember to disable, under “Theme Options” -> Constructor> Advanced, the option “Generation of static CSS files”. This option is a bit annoying. I recommend that you disable it, after installing the DIVI theme. The DIVI team added this feature to speed up the loading of static CSS. However if you are making changes you will not see the them because the CSS is cached. If you are going to use the WP Rocket plugin to boost your site’s loading performance, you absolutely don’t need it.

  • Use a dedicated server with an operating system version that supports the http / 2 protocol

Using a version of the operating system that supports the http/2 protocol will speed up the loading of your site considerably. The http/2 protocol is new and performs much better.


  • Use “cache” software to store your pages and speed up loading

To make WordPress loading fast, I recommend using the WP Rocket plugin. You cannot download a timed trial version, but you must purchase it. If you are not satisfied (I doubt) you can request a refund within the terms established on their site. I understand this can be a limit, because I also like to try before buying. I bought it based on the reviews. Keep in mind that if a site doesn’t load quickly, you risk the user won’t even visit it!

Setting up the WP Rocket cache is simple. Just load the plugin, activate it, and it’s ready to optimize the loading of your pages without enabling any options. Obviously then I recommend some refinement of the setup. For example, if you use WordPress with a B2B system that displays product prices only when users are logged in, this plugin is definitely for you. In fact, when the user registers he will continue to see the pages he has just visited, because WPRocket will have cached them, therefore without prices. At WP Rocket, however, they have seen fit to also create an option to enable the cache even for logged in users which brilliantly solves the problem. There is also an exceptional preload feature. I found a small conflict with the DIVI theme. Whenever a post is edited it also removes other pages in the cache. In the next POST (follow me) I will show you how to avoid creating a CHILD theme by creating a special plugin and on the occasion I will show you how to solve this little problem.

  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Finally, enable a CDN, especially if your site is word wide. What is a CDN? if you have to access your server located in Italy and you are in the United States, the loading time will be longer. A CDN replicates the contents of your site around the world, facilitating the speed of consultation.

It is not so simple to setup a CDN. WP Rocket plugin comes with an integrated out of box CND called “RocketCDN”. You can enable it with few dollars/month and the configuration in this case is practically automatic. We use it on our sites !!!!


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